See You at the Wedding - June 30, 2018
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Alex takes the Eagle Rare 
And my excuse for being late 
Straight to a makeshift bar downstairs 
To introduce me to my date:
A ray of sunlight in a gingham dress

And it’s like I’ve never really 
Seen a pretty girl before 
As she and I twist lemon peels 
Over the cocktails that we’re pouring
Alex told me to be on my best 
Behavior now she says: 
I’ll see you at the wedding

I was meant to leave at 10 
I leave at 2 whatever I 
Might never need to sleep again
For all the fuel from this fiery 
Ray of sunlight in a gingham dress

It propels me up Taconic
Parkway deep into the Berkshires
Thinking less about the job 
To do and more about the future
Just this once so Alex gets a text
When she wakes up that says
Thanks see you at the wedding

Now if I don’t smack of privilege
No one does and that’s the reason
Why I’m making this your business
Friend ‘cause every time I see
My ray of sunlight in her gingham dress

I think of folks like you and me
Who grew up dreaming of this land
In places they don’t want to be
As much as we don’t understand
What they’ve been through while we loudly count our blessings
Then quietly condemn 
Those who try to crash this wedding
Ah, this wedding
Our weddings