Live From Here - June 30, 2018
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00:00:00 Logo
00:00:14 Radio Boogie
00:03:30 Chris opens, talks about Tanglewood, Berkshires, Copland, Bartok, Yo-Yo Ma, James Taylor, meeting his wife Claire
00:08:55 See You At The Wedding- CT, Aoife O’Donovan and band
00:13:16 Bad Coffee script
00:15:19 Free Yourself Up- Lake Street Dive
00:19:30 Chris talks with Racheal Price of Lake Street Dive
00:21:18 I Can Change- Lake Street Dive
00:24:11 Tom Papa Out in America
00:30:27 Fast AF- “Freight Train”

00:34:40 Chris talks with Aoife O’Donovan
00:35:26 Good Intentions Paving Co.- Aoife O’Donovan and band
00:40:49 Stranded Customers script (with Gary Gulman)
00:43:48 Chris Talks with Gary Gulman
00:45:17 Chris introduces Emanuel Ax
00:46:44 Impromptu op. 142 no. 2 (Schubert)- Emanuel Ax
00:51:33 Angel of Doubt- Punch Brothers
00:57:20 Chris talks with Noam
00:58:36 Jumbo- Punch Brothers
01:02:23 Intermission – Lady Be Good

01:06:56  Welcome Back, Chris introduces Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge
01:08:13  Greener Grass- Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge
01:11:00 Musician Birthdays: Carly Simon/ Richard Rodgers/ Audra McDonald/ Kenny Baker/ Sufjan Stevens
01:24:10 The Daddening script
01:26:32 Gary Gulman segment

01:35:13 All Part of the Plan- Punch Brothers
01:39:00  Like It’s Goin’ Out of Style- Punch Brothers
01:44:14  Inner Monologue of a Cat script
01:44:57  Good Kisser- Lake Street Dive
01:48:30  Shame Shame Shame- Lake Street Dive
01:53:21  Credits, Boy in the Bubble