FN:nn And the Astros have won the World Series!n What a game!n

TR:nn Our own Jen Swift is down with George Springer, Jen--

SB:nn George, you're the MVP of the World Series!n How does it feel?

CT:nn I can't believe it, this is all I've ever wanted - I've dreamed about this since I was a little kid...n

TR & FN (Crowd):nn Wooo!n Yeah!!

SB:nn What are you going to do next, George?

CT:nn Well, I... I don't know... I guess I've done everything I've ever wanted to do...n I... (wanders off)

SB:nn George?n George??

FN:nn Springer has left the interview and is walking towards the infield with a dazed, confused expression.

TR:nn Looks like he's having an existential crisis, Bob.

FN:nn He's slowly making his way to the pitcher's mound.n And he's... he's just sitting down, pretzel-style.n

TR:nn Yes, looks like Springer is beginning a new search for meaning now that he's fulfilled his purpose.n I saw this with the entire Angels squad after they won it all in '02.n Nobody went to Disneyland that year.

FN:nn Okay, he is now looking at the sky, perhaps hoping to get some answers.

TR:nn Turning to a higher power - that's a veteran move right there, Bob.

FN:nn He's yelling something - we can't quite hear it up in the booth.

SB:nn Bob, he's saying "Is this all there is?" over and over again.n I'm going to try to get closer.n George!n George!n Do you have a moment?

CT:nn Is this what this is supposed to feel like?n I'm only 28 and I've done everything I've wanted to do.n Jen, are you fulfilled?

SB:n (LAUGHS)n Of course, this is the biggest scoop of my career and I... I...where do I go from here?

FN:nn Jen?n Jen?nn Our own Jen Swift has also just sat down right beside Springer, her face now glazed over with a vague, questioning, blank stare.

TR:nn Wow, back-to-back existential crises - this has been an exciting day for you metaphysics fans out there.n Let's see if we can't still hear and see them--

CT:nn Why do I hit a ball with a bat?n Why do I do that?

SB:nn I don't know.n Why do I talk about how you hit a ball with a bat?

CT:nn Good question.

FN:nn Now the manager has come onto the field.n Springer is waving him off and our own Jen Swift is throwing dirt at the manager to keep him away.


CT & SB:nn Go away!/Leave us be!

TR:nn Bob, once you've been contemplating the meaning of life for a while you don't want to be pulled out, but your manager always knows best.n
I think they'll find that the emptiness they're feeling is not something they can fill with external accomplishments and material things, but with being a part of something greater than themselves.n

FN:n That's beautiful, Bob. (BEAT) Could I give you a hug?

TR:nn No.