Segment 1
00:00:00 Logo
00:00:14 Tishomingo Blues
00:03:10 Chris opens, talks about the Cubs, rainy St. Paul, Jayhawks, his son enjoys Halloween decorations
00:07:30 Calvin and the Ghosties- Chris and band
00:13:13 Don't Talk script
00:15:53 Chris intros the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Mad
00:20:30 Chris intros Margaret Glaspy
00:21:11 Emotions and Math- Margaret Glaspy
00:24:24 First Draft script
00:25:05 Chris introduces Rachael Price
00:26:00 I Love the Way You're Breaking My Heart- Rachael Price and band
00:28:47 Powdermilk Biscuit Break

Segment 2
00:31:41 Chris introduces George Saunders
00:35:16 Lincoln at the Bardo
00:49:33 Your Lone Journey/ Hell Among the Yearlings- Chris, Rachael, band
00:54:20 Teenage Robot script
00:56:27 They All Laughed- Rachael Price with Preservation Hall Jazz Band
01:00:44 Tim Russell calls for Instant Song suggestions, intermission (Hey Good Lookin')

Segment 3
01:04:29 Welcome Back to the 2nd Half
01:05:32 Instant Song Request: Buddy Holly
01:07:46 Porch Sayings script
01:11:26 Love Like This- Margaret Glaspy
01:14:35 Chris talks with Margaret Glaspy
01:16:25 Life Was Better Before We Were Together- Margaret Glaspy
01:21:00 Birthdays: Jackson Browne/ Nico/ Ray Brown/ John Prine/ Kaija Saariaho/ Camille Saint-Saens/ John Lennon/ Donny Hathaway

Segment 4
01:33:26 Autumn Heads script
01:36:24 So It Is/ Santiago- Preservation Hall Jazz Band
01:45:50 Credits, George Saunders
01:51:00 American Tune- Chris, Rachael, Margaret, Preservation Hall horns, Rich Dworsky and The Show Band
01:55:14 Get it Out on the Radio- Chris, Rachael, band