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FN: Mom, Dad, may I be excused? TR: Sure, Kyle. Just clear your plate.




TR: Gracie? Now that we're alone. Next week is our nineteen year anniversary, and things have been going pretty good, and I was wondering, are we "together"?

SB: Is this a define the relationship talk?

TR: This is bad, I'm rushing things.

SB: No, no, I'm glad you brought it up. We've been married nineteen years and I've always been like, "What is this?"

TR: I haven't been seeing anyone else for the past two decades. Have you? Actually, don't answer that. Not my business.

SB: No, it's ok. I haven't either.

TR: Really? Wow. Cool. I was just thinking that I like you, I think you like me, and we've been married since 1998 and have a kid...

SB: Two kids. Don't forget Lori's at college.

TR: Two kids. And I've been assuming we're a steady thing but I wanted to make sure we're on the same page.

SB: Totally same page. Does this mean I can tell people we're together?

TR: Yeah, go for it!

SB: Ok, great. Because I have a work thing coming up.

TR: Oh?

SB: It's basically a party. Do you want to come? No pressure.

TR: Sure, sounds fun.

SB: Oh good! Because Candace said I should invite the guy I'm seeing but I was like, "What if he says no?"

TR: You told your coworker, Candace, about me?

SB: She saw our family Christmas card with the picture from Vail and was like, "Who's that guy?"

TR: So awkward!

SB: Totally! I was like, "My huuuuuusband?"

TR: Labels are so weird!

SB: This feels really great. You know, I almost brought it up when we were buying the house but I chickened out.

TR: I almost brought it up when I proposed!

SB: No way!

TR: I can't believe I have to leave on a business trip to Dubuque right as things are heating up with us. SB: I'll miss you so much. You better call me both nights.

TR: Maybe you could drive me to the airport so we could spend some extra time together?

SB: Oh, I'm busy then.

TR: I didn't say when it was.

SB: Let's not rush things Call a car.

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