Segment 1
00:00:00 Logo
00:00:12 Tishomingo Blues
00:02:26 Chris opens, announces that APHC has been renewed for a 44th season, climate change, The Wild, talking like a Minnesotan, it's his mandolin's birthday today
00:09:25 Thanks For Listening- Chris Thile and band
00:14:07 Alt-Air script
00:16:54 The Lost Sky- Jesca Hoop with Chris, Aoife, Sarah and band
Chris talks with Jesca Hoop
00:22:27 Pegasi- Jesca Hoop with Chris, Aoife, Sarah and band
00:26:36 Down the Hatch script
00:31:24 Powdermilk Biscuit Fiddle Start , Instant Song Request: "Closing Time"

Segment 2
00:35:55 No Hard Feelings- Avett Brothers
00:41:47 True Sadness- Avett Brothers
00:46:52 Autocorrect Playhouse
00:53:50 Attaboy- Chris and band
Chris talks with Sarah Jarosz about winning two Grammys this week
00:58:41 House of Mercy- Sarah Jarosz and band
01:03:06 TR handoff Intermission- Hey Good Looking

Segment 3
01:06:47 Welcome back to the second half, greetings
01:08:42 Jupiter- Aoife O'Donovan and band
01:15:06 Birthdays: Billie Jo Armstrong/ Sean Watkins/ Regina Spektor/ Dr. Dre/ Feist
01:23:42 Chris introduces Jen Kirkman

Segment 4
01:31:03 The Ramble- Julian Lage, Alan Hampton and Ted Poor
01:34:36 Songs of Old- Jesca Hoop and band
01:40:07 Winter Cold Beatbox script
01:42:23 Murder in the City- Seth Avett, Scott Avett and Chris Thile
01:46:47 Hand Me Down Tune- Avett Brothers
01:51:01 Credits, Dear Someone, Get it Out on the Radio/Tish reprise