It started on the table
It ended on the floor
Babe, I'm gonna need some seltzer

You can buy another bottle
Of red wine at the store
But first you're
Gonna go get me some seltzer
For the Persian rug
What on earth
Were we thinking, Love
We ain't just a couple anymore
We're a couple of
One day he'll go to
College and we'll go to

We could try to get a little something going when he goes to bed
But we're nervous now a little like we shoulda been as newlyweds
So let's drink up the last of what hasn't spilled
Then you can do or don't with me what you will this Valentine's, my dear
'Cause in 17 short years

I'm'a treat you to some bubbles
As we close the bedroom door
No, babe, a claw foot tub and champagne, not seltzer
For the Persian rug
Unless that's where
You wanna do it, Love
It'll all be on the table after all of this being a couple of
Our little boy will be in
College you and we'll be in