CT: Fall. The season of reflection. You turn on the furnace (SFX) the cat curls up on the radiator, your dog barely has the energy to bark when there's a knock at the door (SFX KNOCK, WEAK BARK). And in the golden dusk, the moon beckons you from afar. (FN: HEY YOU DOWN THERE! YEAH YOU!).

But as the cold wind blows, (SFX) and the leaves land in your yard, they become your responsibility. Raking takes forever, and environmentally friendly leaf blowers just don't cut it (SFX WEAK LEAF BLOWER). What you need is a turbo charged mulching mower from Albert's Implements.


TR: (VOCAL PHLANGE EFX) Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! It's POWER, POWER, POWER! Check out this Super Monster Mulching Mower! (REV OF MOWER ENGINES) IT'S BIG. IT'S POWERFUL AND IT. IS. EXTREME. A Mulching mower like you've never seen ---- (ENGINE REV) This 300-horsepower beauty features a full-throated Harley Davidson engine ... and demolishes everything in its way... (SFX) leaves, stumps, sticks and stones! Hey lookout, some kid left their bike in the yard (MUSIC STOPS.) (SFX HORN HONK, MOTOR REVVING AND GRINDING). (MUSIC BACK). Lean it up against a tree, rev the engine (SFX BIG REV) and the rest of the leaves will be too scared to fall. Show Mother Nature who's the boss this weekend with a Monster Mulching Mower from Albert's implements.


CT: Which day this weekend should we come check it out?


CT: Great. See you there!